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HNRNP-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorders Family and Scientific Symposium

May 4th-6th, 2023

Columbia University Medical Center



Thursday May 4th
Scientific Symposium

Research Presentations
schedule coming soon!

In-person registration includes:

  • Entry into all sessions

  • Medical evaluation and sample submission to the natural history study

Virtual registration includes: 

  • Access to all recorded sessions

  • Virtual contribution to the natural history study

Friday May 5th
Natural History Study

Medical evaluations for families participating in person to contribute to the HNRNP-wide Natural History Study!

Saturday May 6th
Family Meeting and Natural History Study 9AM-5PM

Scientific presentations for families, round table groups for discussions, opportunities for families to meet, and more data collection for the Natural History Study!



Introduction to Science Day

Other videos from the symposium are password protected on the Recordings page. Click the button to the right to go to that page. Email for the password.

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