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Collaborators and Partners!

Clinicians and Researchers


The Yellow Brick Road Project is a charitable foundation whose mission is to fund research to identify, understand, treat, and ultimately cure those impacted by HNRNPH2 mutations. They do this by funding initiatives to identify more individuals with HNRNPH2 mutations, connecting families impacted by HNRNPH2 in order to contribute to the understanding of the disorder, raising awareness of HNRNPH2 mutations in the general public and scientific communities, and by funding research into HNRNPH2 mutations.

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Simons Searchlight is a program through the Simons Foundation. Currently, HNRNPH2, HNRNPQ/SYNCRIP, and HNRNPU are Simons Searchlight genes! We encourage everyone who can to sign up for Simons Searchlight!


Global Genes is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating the burdens and challenges of rare diseases for patients and families globally. The HNRNP Family Foundation, along with over 750 other rare genetic disorder organizations, have partnered to provide resources for the rare disease community.

Combined Brain is a non-profit consortium led by patient advocacy foundations, working with the clinicians, researchers and pharmaceutical firms that are developing treatments for the disorders they represent.


REN is a volunteer network that welcomes all rare epilepsy organizations to come together around research efforts where our collective efforts will improve the lives lived of our individual constituents. REN includes rare epilepsy organizations and broad epilepsy stakeholders committed to this common mission.

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